Published On: Thu, May 14th, 2020

Nintendo Switch Is Getting A Piano App Later This Week

Piano SwitchPiano Switch

If building a Nintendo Labo piano seems like it’d be too most hassle, this new square of program streamer to Switch after this week competence good come in as a accessible alternative.

Simply called Piano, this new app lets we renovate your Switch into a mini piano wherever we go. It comes with a giveaway play mode, where we can peal a ivories to your heart’s content, and also includes 9 tutorials of “classic” songs if we occur to be a beginner.

We don’t have any footage to share with we sadly, though judging by these screenshots supposing by Nintendo, Piano might good be best matched for young, determined pianists rather than already-accomplished musicians.

It launches this Friday, 15th May, for £8.09. We’re not wholly assured that it’ll be utterly worldly adequate to clear that cost only yet, though we’ll have to wait until it’s in the hands.

Intrigued? If this doesn’t seem like your thing, Switch does have copiousness of illusory song and stroke games.

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