Published On: Thu, May 7th, 2020

Nintendo Switch Has Now Sold 55.77 Million Units Worldwide

50+ million – strictly a threshold where even EA starts salivating. 😄 Jokes aside, final year was Switch’s best for me, nonetheless this one has a intensity to outrank it, deliberation a stream series of releases with a sold value in my book – and we’re not even median into it yet! Even accounting for a all a pandemic-related rescheduling, we brave think a integrate some-more special surprises competence come my approach before 2021 – though even if not, this will have already been a year of Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Langrisser, Rune Factory, Xenoblade, Bioshock, Borderlands, The Outer Worlds, Burnout Paradise, Project Diva and some-more as distant as I’m concerned. Switch keeps on cementing a position as my tip favourite console to date.

@NoTinderLife distinct Wii or SNES, Switch has an aspect of evergreen topicality that has historically ushered in an contentment of re-releases, all a approach given OG Game Boy days. “You can’t spell ‘portability’ but ‘port’, after all”.

As for piracy, Nintendo DS was hacked early into a lifetime as good and still became a world’s best-selling console until narrowly outclimbed by a further prolonged hacked PS2. And program sales were convincing adequate to safeguard an strange accumulation of third celebration franchises that dipped their toes into a pool.

I also strongly doubt Switch being lilliputian by SNES in terms of strange diversion count, deliberation a deficiency of a indie stage during a latter’s hayday.

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