Published On: Mon, Mar 4th, 2019

Nintendo Switch Has Been The Best-Selling Console In Japan For 12 Months In A Row


If we follow a weekly Japanese draft updates, you’ll substantially be wakeful that a Switch roughly always finds itself during a tip of a hardware sales draft by a gentle margin. The console can mostly be found offered upwards of 50,000 units per week, and it seems that this consistent success has warranted it another considerable achievement.

Famitsu has supposing a news showcasing a best-selling games and systems via Feb 2019 in Japan, with Switch unsurprisingly holding a tip spot. This initial place finish means that a Switch has now come out on tip for a 12th uninterrupted month in a region. Here’s a discerning demeanour during some of a information enclosed in Famitsu’s report:

Best-selling games, Feb 2019:

1) Kingdom Hearts III (PS4) – 139,950
2) New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Switch) – 129,303
3) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch) – 110,534
4) Resident Evil 2 (PS4) – 103,054
5) Jump Force (PS4) – 98,494

Best-selling hardware, Feb 2019:

1) Nintendo Switch – 240,942 units
2) PlayStation 4 (including PS4 and PS4 Pro) 87,756 units

Best-selling publishers, Feb 2019:

1) Nintendo – 461,000 sales
2) Square Enix – 238,000 sales
3) BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment – 215,000 sales

It positively looks like a Switch has had a flattering stellar year in a home region, and a success usually looks set to continue for a foreseeable future.

Will Switch power autarchic until a new hardware opposition arrives on a scene? Will it still be means to take tip mark even then? We’ll let we confirm in a comments below.

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