Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2019

Nintendo Switch Exclusives Were Japan’s Best-Selling Games In 2018

@Kienda You seem to consider we am bashing on PS4/Sony or denying their success. we am not. But we am not wrong. The PS4 is done. It’s past it’s primary and is on a approach out. It did really really well, has a smashing library of games and a colourful community.

But a on a downward slope, is past a peak, and will never strech that arise again. Whereas a Switch is still on a rise. Everything peaks. The Switch is climbing still, a PS4 is past a peak. But Nintendo has a prolonged approach to go, if a Switch is gonna come tighten to relating a PS4’s peak. And even this “fanboy” (lol, bucket of crap – that assertion) doubts a Switch will strech those heights. we doubt that a Switch arise will continue, during slightest during this rate, if Sony drops as PS5 with a same high prolongation peculiarity and diversion peculiarity that a PS4 had during a peak.

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