Published On: Fri, May 15th, 2020

Nintendo Switch Cooling Fans Are Now A Thing, And Pre-Orders Have Just Opened

Nintendo Switch Cooling FanNintendo Switch Cooling Fan

If you’re disturbed about your changed – and costly – Nintendo Switch complement overheating, Game Tech has we lonesome with this new cooling fan, rising after this week.

It competence demeanour a bit absurd during initial glance, though a product presumably manages to waste feverishness from a console, cooling it down by “a limit of 13 degrees”. It attaches to a Switch around a array of suction cups so that it can be simply popped on and off, and is powered by batteries or by plugging it into a wall.

Those of us enjoying a UK’s traditionally grey and miserable continue during a impulse substantially won’t need such a thing, though a cooling fan is essentially being targeted during those vital in Japan, where a summer months can be flattering brutal.

You can go forward and pre-order one from Amazon Japan if you’re interested; worldwide shipping is available, and it’s scheduled to recover tomorrow, 15th May.

Have we ever gifted any overheating problems with your Switch? Let us know if this fan sounds like a decent thought with a criticism below.

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