Published On: Wed, Apr 15th, 2020

Nintendo Switch 10.0.0 Firmware Update Supposedly "Adds Preliminary Support For A New Hardware Model"

5 hardware models were found to have been upheld by a Switch OS over a final 3 years, codenamed “Icosa”, “Hoag”, “Iowa”, “Copper”, and “Calcio”.
“Icosa” corresponds to a strange Switch
“Hoag” corresponds to a Switch Lite
“Iowa” corresponds to a improved battery-life Switch
Support for Copper was private some time ago when a hardware bug was found, though formed on a datamines, it seems like it was going to be a TV-only device.
Calcio is a engaging one as it initial is initial mentioned in one of a 9.0 updates, that indicates that it is or was in active development. Based on a datamines, Calcio will also be a TV-only device like Copper, though will be regulating a Mariko chip found in Hoag and Icosa. Calcio also doesn’t support earthy diversion cards, implying that it will be a digital-only device.

The “nx-abc…” tag seems to conform with a form cause of these hardware models. Three labels exist so far: “nx-abca2”, “nx-abcb”, and “nx-abcc”.
“nx_abca2” corresponds with a dual variety (Icosa, Iowa)
“nx-abcb” corresponds with a handheld (Hoag)
“nx-abcc” corresponds with a TV-only models (Copper, Calcio)

The 10.0.0 refurbish combined support for a code new tag “nx-abcd”, that implies a code new form cause that might support a delegate arrangement as settled in a article.

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