Published On: Thu, Jun 4th, 2020

Nintendo Sold 4.2 Million Switch Consoles In Mar Alone

Wow! Talk about a missed opportunity!
Seriously if they lift on like this we can unfortunately see Sega withdrawal a hardware race, being snatched adult by Sammy Corporation in 2004, then, eventually usually grieving in digital limbo like an dull scale of a illusory association they once were.

WHAT!?… Oh!

Seriously though, who’s indeed asked for this? we can’t suppose even a many hardcore Sega fans (myself included) not being meddlesome one iota in this product.

I meant what lollipops during a Sega/Sammy HQ have sat down and went… “Hmmm what do a former fans want? How do we applaud a 60th anniversary of a company(s)? How about a Saturn or Dreamcast Mini? Even better! How about a Mini console made like one of a several arcade boards? You know, something like a Model2, a NAOMI2, a Triforce board, or even a ST-V1 board? On those we could container them out with all of a biggest arcade hits of yesteryear! You know…. games like, The Virtua Fighter series, a Outrun series, a Shinobi series, a Daytona series, a Sega Rally array (frankly, usually a original’s value a seeking cost alone!) Scud Race, Outrigger, FZero GX, Afterburner, Operation Thunderbolt, Virtua Racing, Golden Axe, ESWAT, ….. Orrrrrrrrrr we can save ourselves a con and usually crash out a Mini Game Gear with usually 4 games on it, afterwards all go and get intensely dipsomaniac during a karaoke bar, all in a unfortunate try to patrolman off with women dressed in Sailor Moon outfits….

All those in foster of releasing a Mini Game Gear with usually 4 games on and removing dipsomaniac in an subterraneous dim and humid Karaoke bar, all in a fatuous try to patrolman off with women adorning Sailor Moon outfits”?

strongUNANIMOUS and fast hands lifting for inebriated karaoke and cos play women/strong

If Sega would have down a Mini Saturn, Dreamcast or even a arcade house simulation complement route…. I’d now happily be grouping all three! Oh well.

Criminal rubbish of anticipation!

Here’s to their 70th though! Maybe we’ll get a Mini Master Sytem with half of an Alex Kid diversion built in.

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