Published On: Wed, Dec 4th, 2019

Nintendo Shows Off New Mexican-Inspired Clothing In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing@ RaccoonRants

The subsequent large Nintendo Switch pretension due out is Animal Crossing: New Horizons in Mar 2020. While there’s already been utterly a lot suggested about a latest entrance in a lifestyle make-believe series, some-more sum are always appreciated.

This latest taste of information comes from an eventuality hold by Nintendo Latin America, where it reportedly showed off some normal Mexican-inspired wardrobe options that will be featured in New Horizons (thanks, GoNintendo).

According to a post on Reddit, a dress on arrangement (see above) is a “Vestido de China Poblana” – an outfit from a Mexican state of Puebla. The same Reddit user (adanfime) also noted:

It will be a initial diversion in a array to be translated into a some-more ubiquitous Latin American spanish, rather than regulating a European Spanish.

Twitter user @ RaccoonRants also showed some of a central images common by Nintendo. As we can see below, there’s a football pack on arrangement and some-more screens of a dress:

Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing

Are we looking brazen to being stranded on your possess dried island when Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrives subsequent year? Tell us in a comments.

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