Published On: Wed, Dec 18th, 2019

Nintendo Releases Free Christmas VR Game For Labo On Switch


Wanting to get into a Christmas suggestion and also get some-more playtime out of your imagination Nintendo Labo VR Kit in equal measure? Well, you’ve positively found a right place.

Nintendo has expelled a new – and giveaway – VR diversion for a Labo VR Kit on Switch. Simply called ‘Christmas’, a diversion has seemed on a Japanese chronicle of a Nintendo Labo news channel permitted around your console’s home menu – design it to also seem on that really same news channel opposite Europe and North America soon.

According to Japanese Nintendo, a diversion has we determining Santa himself and entering a chimney. You can pierce around with a control stick, burst with a ‘A’ button, and hurl with a ‘B’ button.


Of course, a Labo news channel has supposing VR owners with copiousness of giveaway games in a past, too. They’re customarily discerning and elementary affairs, though also yield impulse for creation your possess games – all of these giveaway titles use a really same game-making program supposing to players.

Fancy giving this one a go? Tell us below.

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