Published On: Fri, Mar 13th, 2020

Nintendo Of America Employee Tests Postive For COVID-19

@Heavyarms55 You are wakeful that a IMF, Fed And a ECB are scheming 150lbn impulse packages and that a markets havent been this bad given a Lehmanbrothers crash? 7,8% reduction on a DOW shipping down by 40%. There is holding critical something we know zero of and shutting down schools isolating yourself as a nation during a cost of giving adult HUNDREDS of thousends of jobs, Bilions of Dollars in revenue, expansion that took a decade to accumlate, and there is a component of surprise. If we wish protectionism approbation that is good though no one, NO One had approaching this.

Think past people dying, this is about a tellurian economy. So what a us is doing during this indicate is a best it can. Have we looked adult by a approach what simulus is planned, a volume of deals that have been struck with word companys of a treating of patients?

Let me put it diffirently so that everybody who bothers understands;

Hi bob, joe, uncle joe, quagmire, relatives of 5, we know a pursuit we have been doing a final few years? We have this suspiscion that there is a possibility of a pathogen during a plant and that people competence be affected. And as such, we have motionless to cut a staff by 50% (look adult a norwegian airliner that did that) formed quite on conjecture on something we know roughly zero about.

Would we be: (please honestly, try to be design and not consider covid that does not exist in this example)

A) OK, a excellent i cannot be means to compensate my bills and yield food and caring for my kids
B) Ehm, how about we initial see where this thing goes, i like income and honestly i need money. And as such i like to keep operative to get pronounced money.

Get prepared boys and girls, things are going to get a whole lot hairier, a mercantile pile-up distinct anything we have seen in a past is on us.

So ye, everybody is doing their best. Is all i am saying, though this is about saving economies during this indicate not so most about a little volume of generally 50+year olds failing frankly.

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