Published On: Fri, Mar 20th, 2020

Nintendo Is Already Fighting Off Hackers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing HackersAnimal Crossing Hackers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn’t even scrupulously out nonetheless and hackers are already figure their approach by a diversion like a prohibited blade by butter. It seems Nintendo was good prepared for such invasions, however, with today’s Version 1.1.0 patch already operative towards removing absolved of a issue.

In only a handful of days, hackers and dataminers managed to moment their approach into a game, finding that save information is encrypted – no doubt in an bid to forestall intrigue going forward. Amazingly, a apparatus to decrypt this information has already been constructed and common online, causing a potentially frustrating quandary for Nintendo.

Today’s patch has reportedly combined some new insurance measures to quarrel opposite such collection being used by players, though. A console hacker going by a name of SciresM says that “you should design bans if we go online with cheats/mods active”, observant that there is now formula that verifies a flawlessness of your save data.

We doubt many of we reading this will have had any intentions to manipulate a diversion in such a approach anyway, though if we were formulation on personification around with a game’s data, we competence wish to drive clear. For players wanting to knowledge a diversion as dictated by a developers, anti-cheating measures such as this one could go a prolonged approach towards formulating a safer environment.

If we missed a news progressing today, today’s patch also confirms that we can’t entrance anniversary events in a diversion by time travelling.

These people work strong fast, huh?

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