Published On: Wed, Feb 26th, 2020

Nintendo Customer Support Goes Above And Beyond For 95-Year-Old Grandma’s Busted Game Boy

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A story has flush online over a past few days revelation a story of a 95-year-old grandmother in Japan who perceived a flattering heartwarming response from Nintendo’s patron support team.

The grandmother’s daughter, seventy-year-old Kuniko Tsusaka, has common a story in a new imitation book of Japanese newspaper, Asahi Shimbun. She records that her mom always had her Game Boy with her to suffer games of Tetris, though when she reached a age of 95, her health started to decrease and her Game Boy stopped working.

Kuniko struggled to find any stores offering new Game Boys or anywhere that could repair a damaged complement in her hometown of Chiba, though her son mentioned that Nintendo offering glorious patron support. As it happens, when her son used a word ‘kami taiou’ (神対応), definition ‘god support’ or ‘divine interaction’ to report this glorious service, Kuniko misunderstood, meditative he indeed pronounced a word ‘kami’ (紙) definition ‘paper’ (thanks, Kotaku).

This resulted in Kuniko promulgation her mother’s Game Boy to Nintendo in a post, along with a created letter. Within a week, she perceived a response from Nintendo’s patron support team, who pronounced that they didn’t have a required tools to repair a appurtenance either. Instead, they found a code new Game Boy in a room and sent that along with a minute that wished a grandmother a prolonged life.

The Tetris-loving grandmother lived until she reached 99. Kuniko said, “Up in a sky, she’s thankful, we think.”

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