Published On: Wed, Jan 6th, 2021

Nintendo buys Canadian diversion studio in singular acquisition

While gaming giants Sony and Microsoft have done MA a vicious partial of their vital expansion plans, Nintendo has always seemed to be some-more demure to move outward talent into a overlay of a video diversion empire. Today, a association announced that it will be appropriation a developer behind Luigi’s Mansion 3, Canada-based Next Level Games.

Nintendo’s announcement is a initial studio merger for a association given their 2007 squeeze of Xenoblade Chronicles developer Monolith Soft.

Next Level Games has been operative on Nintendo-licensed IP exclusively for a improved partial of a final decade, crafting a array of titles opposite some of a company’s second tier of egghead skill including a Super Mario Strikers array as good as mobile iterations of Metroid Prime and Luigi’s Mansion.

The Vancouver-based studio’s new Luigi’s Mansion 3 pretension for a Nintendo Switch has been a flattering outrageous success for a association that has had flattering light offerings of first-party IP given a system’s launch. In a new gain report, Nintendo common that Luigi’s Mansion 3 had sole scarcely 8 million copies, earning it a mark as one of a system’s top-selling titles.

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