Published On: Wed, Aug 2nd, 2017

Ninja Theory: We’re Doing A Mix of Games; VR Criticism Will Be Smashed with 3rd Generation Headsets

As partial of a speak with Ninja Theory co-founder and Creative Director Tameem Antoniades, we asked him about a contingency of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice apropos a authorization and either Ninja Theory intends to keep walking that “independent AAA” path.

Obviously, it competence be too early to speak about this, yet do we see Hellblade as a intensity authorization travelling mixed entries? Also, if a large publisher came knocking during your doorway seeking to emanate a new installment in a timeless IP, would we cruise a event or sojourn focused on eccentric growth regardless?

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Although a Hellblade group is small, Ninja Theory is around 100 people and we are doing a brew of games including operative with publishers.  A healthy brew of determined IP and new IP is where we wish to be. Could Hellblade spin into a franchise? Never contend never. we wish it’s a success so that we can during slightest have that choice to make.

It sounds like a UK studio isn’t only focused on Hellblade, though, and we competence design some-more announcements on their projects during some indicate in a future.

We afterwards asked what was a studio’s position with regards to Virtual Reality, and Antoniades incited out to be a large follower in VR.

PC and PlayStation 4 both have VR inclination available. Was VR support for Hellblade ever deliberate during development? Going forward, how meddlesome are we in this new games market?

VR is something we’ve been experimenting with and we’ve been regulating Hellblade as a contrast ground. We expelled a VR stage from Hellblade online final year on YouTube and on a Oculus store. VR is many positively going to be a widespread form of gaming. It’s only tough to see right now due to a massive headsets, energy and battery requirements. Every critique opposite VR right now will be crushed by a time we get to 3rd era headsets.

Do we determine that VR will turn a widespread form of gaming? Tell us in a comments! Also, come behind tomorrow for a full speak with Ninja Theory on Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, due to launch subsequent Tuesday on PC and PlayStation 4.


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