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Nindie Round Up: Feudal Alloy, Bury Me My Love, Animus: Stand Alone, Cake Laboratory And Unicornicopia


This week’s indie offerings uncover a accumulation of peculiarity accessible on a eShop with standouts like a Metroidvania platformer Fuedal Alloy, a emotionally-driven and heated Bury Me, My Love, and a Dark Souls-inspired Animus: Stand Alone all drifting a dwindle for peculiarity calm on a indie scene. At a reduction considerable end, though still potentially something to cruise for a immature crowd, we have a charming and splendid titles of Cake Laboratory and Unicornicopia.

Shall we?

Cake Laboratory


Ah, a food-based mobile arcade game. When will this trend end? Not this week, apparently, as we representation a not-so-sweet tower-builder in Cake Laboratory. The judgment is impossibly elementary and a visuals cartoonish and obnoxious. You’re tasked with formulating a largest cake possible, stacking adult a set volume any turn and backing things adult as orderly as we can. This is easy to get good during quick and once your pointing is a small practised, we should have no problem removing 3 stars adult until a final few levels.

There’s a good preference of levels to representation in Cake Laboratory, though they supplement small accumulation when a gameplay is so monotonous; a variability usually unequivocally comes from a differences in cakes, that are utterly aesthetic. You’re means to make your possess cakes that is utterly cute, though it doesn’t do a thing to urge a gameplay that is usually too elementary to be anything some-more than a mind-numbing time waster. Yes, a arms dropping a cakes get faster and, obviously, we have to smoke-stack some-more any time, though overall, this is a flattering lifeless time.

Aesthetically, it’s glorious though a small garish. It takes a cartoonish impression with laughable splats and sploshes any time a cake creates wet hit with a bake below. The cook character, in particular, is a small tough on a eyes and in general, it’s distant too suggestive of a low-quality mobile diversion to be attractive. Its saving beauty is that for a immature child, it’s submissive and entertaining, with splendid colours and elementary diversion mechanics that, in fairness, do boost in problem over time. However, for an adult player, there unequivocally isn’t adequate to even rather suggest a squeeze here.

Thumbs Down

Bury Me, My Love


An greatly personal and deeply relocating story focused content game, Bury Me, My Love, tells a story of Syrian refugees and is formed on a struggles of genuine people. It focuses on decision-based gameplay that urges a actor to cruise empathetically. The story has we play as Majd, assisting his mother Nour by a horrors of a Syrian terrain in an try to start a new life in Germany. The diversion has 19 opposite endings, all of that are shabby by a approach we pronounce to Nour and try to lean her decisions.

The loyal talent of Bury Me, My Love comes from a impossibly good created and picturesque discourse options. Everything we contend to Nour has a knock-on effect, though she isn’t a drudge that follows your any command. She’s your wife, a tellurian being who doesn’t always listen to what we say. Thus, a diversion succeeds in putting we in a boots of a infirm father as your usually powers are to advise on what we cruise is a right thing to do. You’re mostly left for a array of hours though word from her, that can be impossibly stressful. The discourse is also upheld by a heart-pounding and shining soundtrack that has a quick gait and drum-heavy change whenever something thespian is happening.

Bury Me, My Love is some-more an emotionally-invested knowledge than a game. The texts, map, and cinema sent by Nour are all we ever unequivocally see. Fortunately, this isn’t an emanate as a art impression is good finished and concurrently dirty and endearing, heading to serve fixing with a characters’ plights. The diversion binds unequivocally small behind in terms of a atrocities of fight and also how horrified, nonetheless desensitised, a categorical characters are to it. Bury Me, My Love should be gifted by anyone as a doctrine in both consolation and smashing text-based storytelling. Remembering that a romantic story has a basement in loyal events will make players cruise a struggles of those reduction fortunate.

Thumbs up

Animus: Stand Alone

Animus: Stand Alone

From a unequivocally initial shade it’s transparent to see a pivotal change of Animus: Stand Alone, in flattering most all areas. It is radically a precipitated chronicle of Dark Souls for mobile, giving a combat-heavy RPG knowledge that revels in a outrageous trainer battles and low layers of pointing fighting a array is famous for. That is all straightforwardly accessible in this Switch port, too, and as a some-more bare-bones choice to a AAA title, it’s good. Thrust into a mythical, Gothic world, you’re a final knight; a selected one tasked with holding down a good evil. That’s radically all you’ll need to know per a story, that is told by occasional cutscenes, though also rather disappointingly by content segments too.

The fight and graphics of Animus are top-notch. Looking to a former first, it’s partially fast-paced, with a innumerable of hereditary mechanics including blocking, multiple attacks, special moves and an well-developed accumulation of weapons to buy and sell. The concentration is on a large-scale trainer battles, that can yield some punishingly formidable encounters dependant on a turn of a actor and a upgrades made. As with Dark Souls, you’re penalised for a smallest mistake and will mostly find yourself restarting as a result. Refreshingly, however, Animus has we traversing by particular levels rather than an open world, culminating with a trainer during a finish of each. This is agreeably opposite and allows some good respirating time after an heated conflict to collect adult rob and urge your rigging before enormous on with a subsequent level.

Graphically, it’s also good done. Though a universe is dim and dingy, a creatures are well-rendered and demeanour reasonably hideous. For a presumably obtuse budget, it’s unequivocally utterly remarkable. The soundtrack is also epic, providing some genuine weight to both a cutscenes and large battles. The camera can, however, be a slight issue, quite in a aforementioned trainer encounters, that can irritatingly pull we adult opposite walls that problematic your view. Overall, Animus: Stand Alone is rarely endorsed for fans of a Dark Souls and Bloodborne series, charity a smaller scale, level-based movement on these titles that still sports glorious gameplay and considerable graphics.

Thumbs Up



Unicornicopia is a maddeningly elementary and charming diversion that lacks both impression and depth, creation for a shoal knowledge underneath a guise of a child-friendly platformer. The ‘action’ is wholly on-rails and is about as elementary as we can get. You’ll burst over enemies, steep to equivocate enemies, and collect coins that concede we to refuel and run for even longer. There’s no control over your unicorn to pierce them behind or brazen and as such, no genuine approach to destroy during collecting any silver on a map.

The gameplay unequivocally is usually too elementary and gets frustratingly tedious unequivocally early on. For a immature gamer, this competence not be a comprehensive misfortune approach to broach them to a judgment of a platformer, though it unequivocally does broach a unclothed minimum. The rivalry pattern is about as batch as we can get, with cartoonish bugs and animals that somehow even float unconvincingly as we dip, duck, dive and evasion their several unappealing palette swaps behind a revolting array of garishly splendid backdrops. The diversion also lacks any kind of customisation feature, that would’ve been a good further for kids to make their possess technicolour steeds.

There unequivocally isn’t a outrageous volume some-more to contend about Unicornicopia. Its diversion pattern is easy and underdeveloped to a nth grade and will offer 0 plea to anyone with gaming experience. Its art pattern is overly cartoonish and ardent and it ends adult with roughly a accurate same outcome as Cake Laboratory as a result; not awful for children, though totally unappealing, boring, and revolting to an adult assembly looking for an indie experience. Oh yes, and a soundtrack and sound effects are usually as batch as a visuals, with a dive sound outcome roughly matching to that of Sonic’s jump. Skip it.

Thumbs Down

Feudal Alloy

NSwitchDS FeudalAlloy 01

We turn out this week with a unequivocally good indie platformer that blends a Metroidvania march impression with some engaging mechanics and a smashing hand-drawn art style, delivering something unequivocally special as a result. Feudal Alloy apparently takes impulse from a likes of Metroid and post Symphony of a Night Castlevania games by carrying we try a outrageous open world, finding new areas as we go and adding to your map to try and make clarity of a obstruction you’re tasked with navigating. As with all games of this sub-genre, it can be unequivocally treacherous and frustrating during times, though a clarity of fulfilment when we successfully find your approach outweighs a distrurbance of being lost.

The tract is endearingly bizarre, carrying we take control of a fish in a tank tranquil by a Gothic drudge called Attu, who takes punish on bandits who stole oil from a residents of a caring home for late robots that he looks after. Weirdness like this is because we adore indie games. Attu has a sword during his ordering but, as we progress, he gains a choice to ascent not usually his weapon, though also squeeze improved legs, arms, torso, bombs, m�lange weapons, and of course, a nicer tank for a fish.

Progression is formed on a collection of rob and coin, that can be traded and used for a aforementioned upgrades. Standard fare, though it has good synergy with a story elements. The engaging mechanics come in a form of a stamina scale that Attu can empty by overhanging his sword too many times. This is also manipulated in environmental areas, such as in impassioned feverishness where he can’t use his sword unless he relates a cooling agent. That does meant you’ll have to do some backtracking if we don’t have a right object during a right time, though it adds some good variety.

Stylistically, Feudal Alloy is suggestive of titles such as Rayman Legends with a pleasing hand-drawn art impression and minute characters and backdrops. The movements are liquid and a world, notwithstanding being filled by machines, is full of life and character. Feudal Alloy is a smashing instance of a platformer finished right. A brilliant, exploratory journey that throws engaging mechanics to a list that breathe life into a timeless sub-genre.

Thumbs Up

Do any of these games sound like your kind of thing? Will we be spending your eShop supports on any of these indie picks? Whatever we decide, let us know in a comments below.

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