Published On: Tue, Feb 21st, 2017

Nighty Night! for iOS Goes FREE – An Award Winning Bedtime Story App

The award-winning bedtime story app Nighty Night! for iOS has left free. The app customarily retails for $2.99 on a unchanging day.

Download this Award-Winning Bedtime Story App for Your iPhone iPad Absolutely FREE

Thanks to a tough work of developers and storytellers, we are saying an liquid of shining story formed apps and games on a App Store. But there are really few that truly mount out from a throng though. Nighty Night! is one of them, and it even commands a reward cost tab of $2.99 on unchanging day. Quite frankly, that cost is positively fit once we download and implement a app and see for yourself what a bitch is all about. Regardless, a app has left positively free, and any iPhone and iPad user can try it out right away.

The many renouned bedtime story on a App Store! Over 4 million downloads.

„App of Year“ awarded by Apple!

“Nighty Night!” is a ideal App for a daily go-to-sleep protocol with lovable animals, honeyed lullaby song and good narration. All around a residence a lights go out, and in a stable even a animals are tired. But who puts them to bed? Who turns out a lights in their stalls? That is a charge for tiny children aged 1-4. Watching all a animals go to nap is a poetic approach to set a mood for bedtime.

The smashing bedtime story app is accessible to download directly from a iOS App Store for both iPhone and iPad. The links are combined below, for both devices.

  • Download Nighty Night! for iPhone
  • Download Nighty Night! for iPad

It would have been good if a app was universal. This means that a singular download would work opposite all your devices. Nonetheless, anything is improved than zero right now.

There’s no revelation when this app will lapse to a strange price. Given that a app has left giveaway in a past, eventually maintaining a strange pricing, there’s a high possibility a developer would lift off a same thing this time around too.

Just daub on a download symbol and cancel it. The app will lay safely in your purchases territory in a App Store, prepared to be downloaded during a after date if we so desire.

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