Published On: Fri, Dec 30th, 2016

Nier Automata Demo Analysis Video Highlights PlayStation 4 Pro Enhancements

Earlier this month, Nier Automata producers Yosuke Saito and Eijiro Nishimura reliable some of a differences between a unchanging PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro versions of a game. Today, interjection to a new research and comparison video, we have managed to learn some-more about a matter.

The Nier Automata demo Digital Foundry comparison video highlights how a diversion looks somewhat improved when using on PlayStation 4 Pro interjection to a full 1920x1080p resolution, improved anti-aliasing, that seems to be totally absent from a unchanging PlayStation 4 version, improved hardness filtering, and per-object suit blur. Frame rate is somewhat improved on PlayStation 4 Pro, though both versions of a diversion humour from dips next 50 FPS during large set pieces.

New Nier Automata gameplay footage has been done accessible progressing this week, showcasing some of a game’s facilities such as sub-quests, customization and most more. New sell has also been shown, though it’s usually been reliable for Japan as of now.

Nier Automata launches on PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe in early March. The recover date for a PC chronicle has nonetheless to be confirmed, though we will let we know some-more about a matter as shortly as an proclamation comes in, so stay tuned for all a latest news.

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