Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2019

Nicalis Brings Umihara Kawase Fresh! To North America and Europe This July

Umihara Kawase Fresh!

Publisher and developer Nicalis, Inc. has announced it is teaming adult with Japanese developer Studio Saizensen to move Umihara Kawase Fresh! to a Switch in both North America and Europe. The diversion will arrive on 9th Jul and will also accept a earthy recover in a US for $39.99.

The latest entrance in a renouned Japanese platformer array promises to offer a “fresh” new chapter, with copiousness of open-world platforming gameplay, requiring a immature cook named Kawase to use her fishing captivate as a grappling hook. Here’s a bit some-more about a story and gameplay approach from a PR, along with a teaser trailer:

Kawase is a roving cook who has embarked on many enchanting adventures in a past. In Umihara Kawase Fresh!, she will put her navigating, grappling and cooking skills to a ultimate exam as she completes several quests and discovers a secrets of Kingness, a city that is new to her nonetheless somehow familiar.

Players will need to jump, climb, pitch and slingshot their approach opposite platforms all over city in sequence to transparent goals and strech a specific end to allege to a subsequent quest. Each finished query can be replayed in Time Attack mode, where a timer is combined to let players contest for a best times in online leaderboard rankings.

Along a way, Kawase can use a captivate to collect enemies and several food mixture to store in her enchanting backpack. Combining mixture with special recipes creates dishes that can be consumed to acquire proxy special abilities, like jumping aloft or being means to tarry underwater for a longer time. The diversion also includes dual additional playable characters: Cotton from a scrolling shooter Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams and another storied impression nonetheless to be announced.

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