Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2015

Newer Android Wear Watches Now Work On iOS

More than a year after a launch of a initial Android Wear watches, Google is now finally bringing iOS support to its smartwatch platform with a launch of its Android Wear mobile app in Apple’s App Store today.

This substantially doesn’t come as a outrageous surprise, given that Huawei marred this launch by announcing iOS support for a arriving Android Wear watch final week, nonetheless it’s a long-overdue step for Google.

It’s not all fever and rainbows, though. Android Wear for iOS will usually support a LG Watch Urbane and all destiny Android Wear watches (including arriving watches from Huawei, Asus and Motorola), nonetheless we won’t be means to span your well-worn Moto 360 with your iPhone, for example.

Given that all of these comparison watches work only excellent with Android, it’s a bit of a nonplus because Google done this decision. When we asked a association about this, a orator told us a following:

We wanted to make certain that iOS users would have a good knowledge with Android Wear out of a box. We’ve worked with manufacturers to safeguard that a newest watches work unequivocally good with complicated iPhones, nonetheless final year’s watches aren’t technically supported.”

lg_urbaneThe association also argues that in sequence to have a “streamlined setup pairing an iOS phone and Android watch, a watch needs to be using a latest Android Wear recover out of a box.”

That’s substantially a beating for some, nonetheless there are substantially not all that many iOS users out there who have an comparison Android Wear watch, so this might not be as large of a understanding as it seems.

Once you’ve interconnected your watch with your iPhone (the app is concordant with a iPhone 5 and all newer iPhones as prolonged as they run iOS 8.2 and up), a tangible on-watch knowledge is flattering most a same as always. The app supports abounding notifications from Gmail, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar, Google Now Cards, voice queries, Google Fit support, alarms, and all else you’d design (including support for a recently launched Translate app on Android Wear).

The app, of course, will also arrangement notifications from all third-party iPhone apps. For now, however, users won’t be means to implement any third-party watch apps from Google Play. This means we will see notifications from those apps nonetheless won’t be means to directly correlate with your aptness tracker on a watch, for example. Google says it’s operative on bringing third-party app support to iOS users, too, nonetheless it’s misleading when this will happen. WiFi support is also now absent.

“Not everybody wants a same kind of smartwatch, so charity people choice is important,” Google says. That criticism is clearly directed during a Apple Watch and there is substantially some law in that. Smartwatches are, after all, during slightest partly conform accessories and even nonetheless Apple offers a series of opposite variations of a smartwatch, they all demeanour flattering identical in a end.

Google also records that Android Wear supports always-on watch faces, “so you’ll never have to pierce your wrist to arise adult your watch.” Another thinly potential appropriate during a Apple Watch.

The new app is now creation a approach into a App Store, so if we can’t find it only yet, give it another try in an hour or so.

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