Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2015

New Xbox One Bundle Comes With 1TB Hybrid Drive, New Elite Controller For $499

Microsoft only announced a new gold for a Xbox One. The Xbox One Elite Bundle is a initial gold to come with Microsoft’s new Elite controller. But that’s not all, as a association also switched to a hybrid 1TB SSD and HDD expostulate for a initial time. This gold costs $499.

Using a hybrid expostulate creates clarity for a few reasons. Consoles now need we to implement games on your tough expostulate before we can play. Most of a time, it means duplicating files from a Blu-ray to a tough expostulate and afterwards loading a diversion from a tough drive. The 5400 RPM tough expostulate is a bottleneck when we implement a game.

Moreover, carrying a faster tough expostulate means that games can bucket faster. Booting a console should be 20 percent faster as well. While, a PlayStation 4 has a replaceable tough drive, we can’t reinstate a Xbox tough expostulate but voiding a warranty.

Yet, switching to an SSD would be tough for Microsoft has a association needs to yield a large expostulate to store a few games and keep a low cost tag. Now that games generally need between 30GB and 50GB, a 256GB SSD wouldn’t make sense. That’s because a association opted for a hybrid drive.

When it comes to a new wireless controller, Microsoft announced it during E3 in June. It comes with hair-trigger locks, a textured rolling pad instead of a good aged D-pad and bumpers. Components are swappable, definition that we can reinstate a joystick with a D-pad for example.

You can also remap all a controls and customize a attraction of a sticks and triggers. While this controller works with any Xbox One and PC, it costs $150. So today’s new gold could be a good understanding if we wish a new Xbox One and wish to compensate reduction for a controller. The Elite controller as good as a new gold will boat in October.

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