Published On: Thu, Mar 9th, 2017

New chronicle of Google App Engine supports all programming languages

Google announced that an entirely overhauled chronicle of App Engine was generally accessible as of today. It done a proclamation during Google Cloud Next being hold this week in San Francisco.

App Engine is Google’s platform-as-a-service for building focus backends but carrying to worry about progressing a formidable infrastructure.

The large news is that App Engine now supports any programming language, so a developer can emanate a app in whatever denunciation they are gentle using. Google sees this as a diversion changer, creation a height some-more open, that is a large thesis with a association as it transitions to try and captivate craving business to Google Cloud Platform in general.

Sam Ramji, VP of product government during Google points out that App Engine was primarily an wholly sealed environment. “What we are rising is an open era of App Engine,” Ramji said.

In a prior chronicle there was a singular set of runtime libraries and once we built an application, it was really formidable to take it out of Google. The association has indicated that partial of a truth on being open means creation it easy to pierce and equivocate lock-in, even if that means withdrawal Google Cloud Platform.

With a new chronicle of App Engine, Ramji forked out, we can get a Docker image with your focus if we wish to leave — and we can pierce it wherever we wish.

Initially, it supports supports 7 languages including Java 8, Ruby, Go, Python 2/3, C#, PHP 5/7 and Node.js. But it also allows programmers to move their possess denunciation runtimes, frameworks, and third celebration libraries and App Engine handles all a government for a developers giving them that coherence to move a collection they like to work with but carrying to understanding with a management, a biggest advantage of regulating a cloud use in a initial place.

Finally, a association will let developers move a programming package (binary) to App Engine as a Docker image.

While App Engine is famous for easy government as a cloud tool, Google points out that doesn’t indispensably meant we give adult all control. Developers can still get underneath a hood to whatever grade they are comfortable, regulating informed collection should they need to commence tradition debugging or customized integration.

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