Published On: Sun, Dec 15th, 2019

New twitter generator mocks try capitalists

“Airbnb’s section economics are utterly mythological — a S-1 is going to be MOST disrupted FASTEST in a subsequent 3 YEARS? Caps for effect.”

Who tweeted that? Initialized Capital’s Garry Tan? Homebrew’s Hunter Walk? Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham? Or maybe one of a dozens of other try capitalists active on Twitter .

No, it was Parrot.VC, a new Twitter comment and website dedicated to creation light of VC Twitter. Brother-sister twin Samantha and Nick Loui, a creators of a new tool, fed 65,000 tweets created by some 50 try capitalists to a appurtenance training bot. The outcome is an programmed twitter generator prepared to pour rather foolish (or wholly nonsensical) 280-character statements.

According to Hacker News, where co-creator Nick Loui common information about their project, a bot uses predictive content to beget “amazing, new startup advice,” adding “Gavin Belson – strike me up, this is a ideal merger for Hooli,” referencing a renouned satirical TV show, “Silicon Valley.” 

This isn’t a initial time someone has leveraged synthetic comprehension to make fun of a tech community. One of my personal favorites, BodegaBot, inspired by a Bodega failure of late 2017, satirizes Silicon Valley’s unhinged enterprise to reinstate domestic use with technology.

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