Published On: Wed, Feb 22nd, 2017

New to Mobile Development? Follow This Track to Start Building Apps for Android Nougat Regardless of Experience

Android is a many renouned and a many used mobile handling complement in a world. Interested in training some-more about Android growth and turn a rarely paid developer? It doesn’t matter if we have never even listened of a Android Studio, this gold is designed to assistance comprehensive beginners learn how to build Android apps from scratch. Take advantage of a new handling complement and start creation income building apps!

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Following are a courses that are being offering with a Ultimate Android N Development Bundle:

1- Android 7: Master App Development – Beginner 1

Take a First Step Towards Developing Apps for a Newest Android Operating System

  • Access 38 lectures and 7 hours of calm 24/7
  • Download implement a giveaway collection for Android development: a Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Get an overview of Android templates
  • Set adult your phone or inscription to exam run Android apps regulating an Android Virtual Device (AVD)
  • Learn Java to start programming real, organic apps

2- Android 7: Master App Development – Beginner 2

Build Your First Android App Learn a Newest Android Development Tools

  • Access 44 lectures and 8 hours of calm 24/7
  • Learn how to pattern Android app interfaces regulating a new Google Constraint layout
  • Scale and constrain images to make them uncover adult rightly on opposite devices
  • Discover some-more about activities and classes know symbol clicks
  • Build a calculator focus from scratch, regulating both Portrait and Landscape modes

3- Android 7: Master App Development – Intermediate 1

Build More Complex Android Apps Integrate with Other Programs to Increase Functionality 

  • Access 40 lectures and 7 hours of calm 24/7
  • Create backgrounds tasks and learn because they are important
  • Understand what XML is, how it is used to send data, learn how to rise a module to
  • manipulate essence of a file
  • Work on some-more modernized Android concepts like ListViews, ArrayAdapters, Context, Layout Inflaters, more
  • Add menus to your apps and build general formula to be reused in other apps
  • Learn how to incorporate YouTube into your apps

More courses include:

  • 4- Android 7: Master App Development – Intermediate 2: Elevate Your Android Development Skills to More Scalable Heights
  • 5- Android 7: Master App Development – Advanced 1: Incorporate Effective Databasing Techniques Other Advanced Concepts to Your Android Development

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