Published On: Sun, Jul 14th, 2019

New Super Monkey Ball Game Rated Again, This Time In South Korea

Interesting. Will really buy it if it gets released. I’d adore n HD chronicle of Monkey Ball deluxe! Maybe they will finally pier it right (and embody a space song and artic song from SMB1 in a scold spots…)

@JasmineDragon while many SMB fans would tell we that Banana Blitz wasn’t good, I’d desire to differ.

The initial 2 entries were masterpieces, so a bar is flattering high after that, so we see where BB gets a hate.

But Banana Blitz is a cold game. While it has 50 minigames, usually like what, 5 or 8 are good. But for a categorical game? we contend it’s flattering good done.

Colorful worlds, familiar music, some formidable levels here and there, and a diversion delivers. we like a burst automechanic since it gives we some-more leisure to do things and differentiates itself from a other diversion in a array with trainer battles. And we also like how they are additional worlds that are unbarred likewise to a additional stages in a initial 2 games.

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