Published On: Sun, May 28th, 2017

New Siri Bug Allows Users To Access Cellular Data Option On A Locked iPhone

A new iOS bug has been detected associated to Siri that allows an particular to entrance a Cellular Data choice on a sealed iPhone. This means that if your iPhone is locked, one can still capacitate or invalidate a mobile information choice around Apple’s practical assistant, Siri. This can potentially concede unapproved entrance from anyone whom a owners of a iPhone competence or competence not share acquaintances with. So let’s dive in to see some some-more sum on a Siri bug and either other options are permitted from a sealed shade as well.

Siri Bug Allows One To Access Cellular Data Option From Locked iPhone

A reddit user has detected a Siri bug that provides entrance to Cellular Data choice on a sealed iPhone.  If you’re an iPhone user, we can simply trigger Siri and contend “Cellular Data” that will move adult a toggle to switch a mobile information on or off. However, if we ask Siri “Disable/Enable Cellular Data”, afterwards a practical partner will ask we to initial clear your iPhone in sequence to finish a action.

At this indicate in time, we’re not certain how entrance to Cellular Data will advantage a unapproved person. Nonetheless, a practical partner should not concede an particular to toggle Cellular Data on or off on a sealed iPhone but any verification.

The Siri bug that allows one to entrance mobile information is benefaction in all of a iOS versions trimming from iOS 9 to iOS 10.3.2. Moreover, a Siri bug is also benefaction in a latest iOS 10.3.3 beta as well. Nonetheless, given it has now been discovered, Apple will substantially digest a repair to a Siri bug in a subsequent iOS update, permitting it to uncover an clear prompt before a movement is executed.

In further to a Cellular Data entrance from a sealed screen, a Siri bug also executes commands for other toggles as well, such as “Bluetooth”. If a bug bothers we by any mean, we can always spin Siri off from a batch Settings app on iOS. This will shorten Siri entrance on a close shade so one can not prompt it to toggle Cellular Data.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on a new Siri bug? Have we gifted any arrange of nuisance from Siri accessing Cellular Data choice from a close shade of your iPhone? Share your views with us  in a comments territory below.


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