Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

New Relic acquires Kubernetes observability height Pixie Labs

Two months ago, Kubernetes observability height Pixie Labs launched into whole accessibility and announced a $9.15 million Series A appropriation turn led by Benchmark, with appearance from GV. Today, a association is announcing a merger by New Relic, a publicly traded monitoring and observability platform.

The Pixie Labs formula and product will sojourn in place and concede New Relic to extend a height to a edge. From a outset, a Pixie Labs group designed a use to concentration on providing observability for cloud-native workloads using on Kubernetes clusters. And while many identical collection concentration on operators and IT teams, Pixie set out to build a apparatus that developers would wish to use. Using eBPF, a comparatively new proceed to extend a Linux kernel, a Pixie height can collect information right during a source and yet a need for an agent.

At a core of a Pixie developer trust are what a association calls “Pixie scripts.” These concede developers to write their debugging workflows, nonetheless a association also provides a possess set of these and anybody in a village can minister and share them as well. The thought here is to constraint a lot of a spontaneous trust around how to best debug a given service.

“We’re super vehement to move these companies together since we share a goal to make observability whole by simplicity,” Bill Staples, New Relic’s arch product officer, told me. “[…] According to IDC, there are 28 million developers in a world. And nonetheless usually a fragment of them unequivocally use observability today. We trust it should be easier for each developer to take a data-driven proceed to building program and Kubernetes is unequivocally a heart of where developers are going to build software.”

It’s value observant that New Relic already had a resolution for monitoring Kubernetes clusters. Pixie, however, will concede it to go significantly deeper into this space. “Pixie goes much, most serve in terms of charity on-the-edge, live debugging use cases, a ability to run those Pixie scripts. So it’s an prolongation on tip of a cloud-based monitoring resolution we offer today,” Staples said.

The devise is to build integrations into New Relic into Pixie’s height and to confederate Pixie use cases with New Relic One as well.

Pixie Labs raises $9.15M Series A turn for a Kubernetes observability platform

Currently, about 300 teams use a Pixie platform. These operation from tiny startups to vast enterprises and, as Staples and Pixie co-founder Zain Asgar noted, there was already a estimable overlie between a dual patron bases.

As for because he motionless to sell, Asgar — a former Google operative operative on Google AI and accessory highbrow during Stanford — told me that it was all about accelerating Pixie’s vision.

“We started Pixie to emanate this enchanting developer trust that unequivocally allows us to redefine how focus developers monitor, secure and conduct their applications,” Asgar said. “One of a cold things is when we indeed met a group during New Relic and we got together with Bill and [New Relic owner and CEO] Lew [Cirne], we satisfied that there was roughly a finish fixing around this prophesy […], and by fasten army with New Relic, we can indeed accelerate this whole process.”

New Relic has recently finished a lot of work on open-sourcing several collection of a platform, including a agents, information exporters and some of a tooling. Pixie, too, will now open-source a core tools. Open-sourcing a use was always on a company’s highway map, yet a merger now allows it to pull this timeline forward.

“We’ll be holding Pixie and creation it accessible to a village by open source, as good as stability to build out a blurb enterprise-grade charity for it that extends a New Relic One platform,” Staples explained. Asgar combined that it’ll take a association a small while to recover a code, though.

“The same elemental peculiarity that got us so vehement about Lew as an EIR in 2007, got us vehement about Zain and Ishan in 2017 — positively shining engineers, who know how to build products developers love,” Benchmark Ventures General Partner Eric Vishria told me. “New Relic has always prisoner developer delight. For all a power, Kubernetes totally upends a monitoring model we’ve lived with for decades. Pixie brings a same easy to use, discerning time to value, no-nonsense proceed to a Kubernetes universe as New Relic brought to APM. It is a compare done in heaven.”

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