Published On: Thu, Feb 16th, 2017

New Pokemon GO Update Released – Here’s a Complete Changelog

Pokemon GO 1.27.2 for iOS and 0.57.2 for Android has been released. Here’s a finish changelog of a update.

Encounter Music, Berry Poke Ball Selection Carousels More Added to Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is set to accept a array of updates to tempt behind gamers who left all out in a cold. Recently, a association announced that it would be bringing some-more than 80 Pokemon to a diversion along with other changes. Today, Niantic is kicking things off with a new refurbish to a game, and we have a finish changelog of a refurbish below.

– Added Poké Ball and Berry preference carousels to a confront screen.
– Added new night-mode map and confront music.
– Implemented Apple Watch tie fortitude improvement.
– Various bug fixes.
– Minor content fixes.

If we play a diversion frequently afterwards it is rarely endorsed to refurbish right divided if we wish to reap a advantages of a latest release. Simply launch a iOS App Store or Google Play on your mobile device, and refurbish a diversion from there if we have involuntary updates disabled. Furthermore, we can burst true to a game’s download page by drumming on a links below.

  • Download Pokemon GO for iOS
  • Download Pokemon GO for Android

Given a volume of success a diversion has seen in such a brief duration of time, there’s no approach Niantic is going to leave this one out to die only yet. Apart from a further of some-more than 80 Pokemon, we are certain some-more variable updates are on their approach to damp players. There has even been news that trade and real-time actor battles are going to be a partial of a destiny refurbish to a game, giving us wish that there’s a lot to design from a company.

In a meantime, make certain we have a latest Pokemon refurbish commissioned on your iOS or Android device. Apart from a above mentioned changes, there are firm to be bug fixes and opening enhancements tossed into a brew as well. These alone are estimable of updating a program we have on house and Pokemon GO is no difference whatsoever.

Let us know in a comments territory what we consider about today’s release.

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