Published On: Tue, Apr 25th, 2017

New iOS Jailbreak Tweak Displays Exact Time When Notification Was Received

A new jailbreak tweak has been expelled that army iOS to uncover a accurate time when a presentation was received.

No More ‘1h ago’ in Notifications with a ExactTime Jailbreak Tweak Installed

There will eventually come a indicate where we are compulsory to find out when a sold notification was received. On iOS, things are a small peculiar in that regard. If your presentation crosses a one-hour-old symbol sitting in a Notification Center or close screen, afterwards we will see a blunt ‘1h ago’ badge subsequent to it, and it continues for each hour upheld compartment a certain threshold is reached. Wouldn’t it to be good if there was a approach to see a accurate time when a sold presentation came by in a past few hours each singular time? Well, thankfully, a jailbreak tweak called ExactTime replaces a batch ‘1h ago’ with a correct timestamp.

Compatible with iOS 10 only.

Shows a accurate time of a presentation instead of “1h ago”.

Affects both a Notification core a lockscreen banners.

No options to configure.

Once downloaded from a BigBoss repo in Cydia, we don’t have to configure anything during all. You’re good to go as shortly as a package is downloaded and installed. But keep one thing in mind: a tweak is designed to work usually on iOS 10, and it’s a despotic requirement. Users of iOS 9 or next are out of a action, for now during least.

The ExactTime tweak will work in dual places: a Notification Center as good as a banners that we see on a close screen. Basically, it works a sorcery in all a right places via iOS, so a large thumbs adult to the developer for that.

In my honest opinion, we find a ‘1h ago’ timestamp a small deceptive myself. If usually there was a approach to switch between a accurate time or a severe estimate. There have been lots of instances where we wanted to see a accurate time when a presentation arrived, though could not, interjection to Apple’s preference creation routine for iOS.

Now that ExacTime is here, we can all rest positive that a certain woes per iOS will go away. Let’s only wish we see some-more tweaks like these in a nearby destiny that iron out even some-more eyebrow raisers from Apple’s mobile OS.

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