Published On: Fri, Mar 24th, 2017

New Hints That God of War Might Release This Year

Sony Santa Monica hasn’t shipped a singular PlayStation 4 diversion so distant (with a difference of those done by other studios they helped with), though that will change with a rarely expected God of War “soft reboot”.

The diversion tender everybody when a gameplay demo seemed on theatre during E3 2016, showcasing truly extraordinary graphics as good as large gameplay changes – an over-the-shoulder giveaway camera, RPG elements and crafting resources for Kratos to find.

There’s no recover date yet, though a route of hints could advise an progressing than expected launch, maybe even this year. After all, a diversion was entirely playable even behind in Dec according to Director Cory Barlog.

You competence remember that a few days ago a God of War ad was found in Spain for Father’s Day and it would be peculiar to start promotion for a diversion that’s due to launch in 2018.

However, now there’s also a fact that a voice actor personification Kratos (Christopher Judge, especially famous to Stargate fans for his work on a sci-fi series) wrote 2017 beside God of War on his central Twitter page.

For what it’s worth, a Internet Movie Database (IMDB) also points out to a 2017 release. While this is no decisive explanation and should be treated as a gossip for now, there’s a possibility we competence get to try a all-new attribute between Kratos and his son Atreus progressing than we thought.

If that’s a case, God of War could recover in a Holiday season. We’ll know a lot some-more on a diversion in reduction than 3 months anyway, when Sony Santa Monica could really good showcase another trailer during E3 2017.

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