Published On: Wed, May 13th, 2020

New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Glitch Lets You Walk On Rooftops And In The Sea

Animal Crossing GlitchAnimal Crossing GlitchStephenPlays

Animal Crossing: New Horizons glitches seem to be entrance in thick and quick these days. In new times, we’ve seen a integrate of intent duplication glitches, one that could bug plots of land, and even one that prevented balloons from appearing. Now, we have nonetheless another one to check out, and this one will no doubt lead to a new overflow of amicable media snaps.

YouTube user StephenPlays has common sum of a glitch that lets your actor impression go out of bounds, permitting we to travel over rooftops and even in a sea. To lift it off, all we need is a chair that we can lay on from mixed sides and an intent that we can squeeze on to while sitting down. You’ll need a second actor to fly over to your island, too.

You can see how it all plays out in a video below. The routine involves some accurate chair chain (just one lift divided from your aim building or water) though it all seems comparatively elementary to do. Note that a usually building this won’t work with is Resident Services, as we can’t place equipment tighten adequate to a walls.

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