Published On: Sat, Jul 11th, 2020

Nanoleaf’s new Hexagon Shapes are a surprisingly sharp-witted and organic further to your home decor

Nanoleaf radically total a new intelligent lighting difficulty with a connected light panels, and given afterwards it has iterated with a pixel-like Canvas, and many recently, a new Shapes Hexagons. The Hexagons already seem to be proof renouned with customers, given they’re now waitlisted, yet we got a possibility to spend some time with them and have found them to be a unique, engaging and unequivocally further to my home decor.

The basics

The Nanoleaf Hexagons don’t change a elementary regulation of Nanoleaf’s products: They’re particular light panels, that bond to one control section that has a hardware controller and connects to a energy supply. Each one has a electronic connector that snaps into a two-sided tie procedure that we can afterwards use to bond another panel, in whatever settlement we desire. The panels insert to walls by approach of 3M strips, that are pre-mounted on a cosmetic pad that creates it comparatively easy to detach them from a panels for damage-free dismissal from walls, and deputy by regulating new 3M strips if you’re redecorating or changing things up. You can also optionally mountain them with screws if we wish a some-more permanent installation.

The panels come in a few opposite configurations, including a Starter Kit that includes 7 panels ($199.99), appendage packs that enclose 3 additional panels, and incomparable packs including 13 and 19-panel bundles. You can configure them fundamentally any approach we wish – yet if that sounds like too many freedom, Nanoleaf provides a series of preset settlement suggests, and a app has an protracted existence underline that lets we ridicule adult and preview opposite arrangements on your walls before installing. we finished adult usually free-styling with a severe thought of where we wanted a settlement to start and finish in terms of tallness and width, and was unequivocally happy with a results.

In terms of specs, any row is unequivocally skinny during usually around 0.24 inches, and they magnitude roughly 9-inches by 7.75-inches. They any put out around 100 lumens of light, that is not going to reinstate an beyond light fixture, yet that proves ideally serviceable for indeed supplanting wholly things like bedside lamps and mood lighting in other rooms.

Nanoleaf has done a Hexagon controllable in a series of ways, including around a hardware controller enclosed with a bottom kit, yet their mobile or desktop app, and by intelligent assistants, with harmony for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit – all of that valid available and user-friendly ways to correlate with a panels in my experience. You can also hold particular panels to incite a aflame response.

The Hexagons also embody audio responsiveness, definition they can conflict to sound. You can use a default programs enclosed with a app, download user-created ones, or make your own, both for sound-reactive modes and for configurations that usually play behind a set pattern. The sound-reactive modes work amazingly good with song played behind by your home audio devices, and unequivocally move a Nanoleaf Hexagons alive – lending an roughly biological feel to a devices.


The particular Hexagon panels are any unequivocally lightweight and thin, yet still feel stout and durable. They underline a aflame area that takes adult scarcely all of their surface, reduction dull corners during any indicate of a hexagon figure to emanate a some-more organic demeanour once they’re powered on. Each side of a hexagon facilities a receptacle for a connector shave on a back, permitting we to bond another row to them and yield energy and control by each. One controller section can control adult to 500 hexagons, so we shouldn’t ever unequivocally need some-more than one, and one energy supply can yield energy for adult to 21 hexagons. Each can be snapped to any row in your settlement for stretchable positioning.

Nanoleaf’s strange light panels are triangular, and they also total a block Canvas after on. The Hexagons have a honeycomb outcome and are a many organic looking to my eye, with an ability to work with a wider operation of decor, including softer, reduction industrial interior aesthetics.

The light issued by any row is even and bright, and can be tuned opposite a RGB spectrum. Whites trimming from comfortable to unequivocally cold can also be achieved with a panels for some-more ubiquitous day-to-day use. The hardware controller allows we to cycle by some customary white presets, too, including Warm White (2700K), Reading Light (4000K) and Daylight White (5000K) – and we can control it to radically any heat we want, as good as opposite colors, by a app.

Nanoleaf has come adult with a unequivocally elementary ascent resolution that’s easy to do on your own. we had cave commissioned and configured in substantially around 15 mins today, once I’d worked out a severe thought of how we wanted to lay them out on a wall. we used a spin to get a initial row rectilinear yet it’s not indispensably required, as a shapes demeanour good even if they’re off-level relations a room and surrounding objects.

Because of their modular nature, we can simply supplement some-more to your existent blueprint by picking adult additional enlargement packs, should we confirm to grow your collection in future. There’s adequate play with a ascent apparatus that we can snap one fo a connectors in place behind previously-installed panels to insert new ones.


Nanoleaf has developed their product given a introduction to embody a far-reaching operation of built-in features, including ambient song modes that use audio to boldly change a lighting on a panels. This is substantially my favorite underline of a Hexagons, and a mode we use many often, generally since I’m mostly personification song around Sonos via a residence on many days.

The hardware controller is also a good choice in box we wish to skip a app facilities altogether and provide your Hexagons some-more like a normal light source – with total flexibility. It allows we to spin a liughtness adult and down, energy them on and off, and cycle by opposite stored patterns and sequences.

App-based control offers a many wider operation of options, however. It provides entrance to a operation of pre-installed scenes, including both customary energetic ones as good as Rhythm modes (those that conflict to sound) and we can set scheduled events, including stage changes, and have them start usually once or repeat on whatever report we prefer.

A built-in stage creator allows we to entirely customize your light show, panel-by-panel, and afterwards save that and share it with a village as well. It’s a good approach to get usually a demeanour we want, and total with a scheduler, means we can safeguard your setup is custom-tailored to accurately what colors, liughtness and effects you’re looking for via a day.

Bottom line

The Nanoleaf Hexagons are a superb further to a Nanoleaf lineup, and we consider they’re a indication that’s mostly expected to interest to a many broader patron bottom when compared to a company’s existent options. we privately didn’t pattern to be that large of a fan of Nanoleaf in ubiquitous – I’d never been some-more than softly meddlesome in their offerings before. But as shortly as we powered on a Hexagon, we was vacant during how many we felt like they softened a aesthetics of a space.

Their Rhythm facilities feels like carrying a living, dancing electric taste element, and a ubiquitous settlement and even ambient lighting modes are all unequivocally pleasing additions to any room that stir though feeling overly techy or strenuous of other aspects of your home settlement and furnishings. They authority a high cost vs. normal lighting, yet when we cause in their intelligent features, they’re a good value in terms of bringing something singular and rarely personal into your home’s demeanour and feel.

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