Published On: Wed, May 10th, 2017

Mya raises $11.4M Series A to streamline recruiting for retail, room and call core jobs

Recruiting is miserable.

The knowledge lacks so many things: transparency, fairness, timeliness and so on that solutions to date have usually addressed partial of a problem. LinkedIn done a resume digital and put people in (mostly) one place. Others have combined labor marketplaces and educational resources to “fix” hiring, though final time we checked employing was still broken. With 11.4 million in Series A financing led by Emergence Capital, Mya Systems manages to element this market and stands on a possess as a appurtenance intelligence-powered tool for recruiters and applicants.

Mya is a bot, and that means that when we initial went to accommodate a group we was skeptical. Bots tend to be user interface decisions, not products. But Mya doesn’t passively suggest GIFs, it unlocks economies of scale for recruiting agencies and large enterprises by centralizing and automating aspects of high-volume recruiting.

To be clear, we’re not articulate about high-volume in Silicon Valley pronounce where Google hires a thousand engineers. Rather, consider in a scale of agencies that partisan for vital sell brands and assistance fill room jobs. These groups are employing tens and even hundreds of thousands of workers during a time.

Eyal Grayevsky, CEO of Mya Systems, explained to me that a existent recruiting routine for these jobs is rarely transactional. Applicants frequently opt out out of submitting resumes and have no online participation to evaluate. This means that to vet a candidate, a recruiter has to collect a lot of simple and repeated information.

Thankfully, simple and repeated tasks tend to be where appurtenance comprehension shines and that’s no opposite here. Mya can poise questions to field to establish their accessibility to fill shifts and even support field and recruiters in scheduling calls. Having a clever doing of healthy denunciation estimate as a fortitude helps Mya to interface uniformly with possibilities and maximize a volume of information that can be collected in a brief duration of time.

And while all of this automation is good and frees adult bandwidth for recruiters to indeed recruit, a truly engaging partial of Mya’s representation is brazen looking. At scale, Mya competence be means to centralize recruiting for mixed companies simultaneously, but a need for agencies.

The ensuing universe would be an fit one where some-more of a recruiting routine could start in a background, unbeknownst to pursuit seekers— such a complement could automagically beget a full day talk line-up for someone with usually a opportunities that are a best fit.

The Mya Systems office. The group skeleton to pierce to a incomparable place in a nearby future.

This isn’t to contend that Mya isn’t already pushing certain amicable benefits. Small gestures, like reminding applicants a few hours before their interview, can expostulate improved outcomes opposite a board.

Grayevsky skeleton to use the new collateral to build out a company’s technical team. Mya Systems will also be upgrading to a incomparable bureau space in a nearby destiny to make room for a new hires.

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