Published On: Mon, Jun 11th, 2018

Motiv’s aptness ring can assistance we find a mislaid iPhone

I was surprisingly tender when we tested out Motiv’s aptness ring. Honestly, I’m not a ring wearer myself, though it’s good to see a hardware startup consider outward a aptness rope — and furnish a surprisingly able product in a process. The company’s also finished a flattering decent pursuit stability to supplement facilities to a small wearable.

Back in April, a ring got Alexa functionality and Android support. This week, a association announced some additional facilities for Amazon’s intelligent assistant, along with a ability to use a device to locate a mislaid phone. That final bit is one of a some-more constrained additions to a ring given launch. If a mislaid iPhone is within Bluetooth range, a few twists of a ring will set a handset toll and moving until we find a thing.

As for Alexa functionality, users can now ask a partner for some-more minute aptness information, including active minutes, calories, nap and steps. Motiv has also combined new amicable functionality to a ring, in a form of Circles, that lets users share activity feed with friends who also use a ring.

None are quite earth-shattering in and of themselves, though it’s good to see a startup stability to deliver innovative new facilities for a hardware.

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