Published On: Thu, Apr 4th, 2019

Motion Twin Still Thinking About A Multiplayer Component For Dead Cells

Dead Cells

The group during Motion Twin has finished a smashing pursuit on Dead Cells, even if a Switch chronicle did get off to a bit of a rough start in terms of performance. While a stream concentration for this tiny French-based developer is a game’s downloadable calm – Rise of a Giants, it has been deliberation a multiplayer member for some time now.

According to a lead engineer Sebastien Bénard, it’s one of a many requested facilities and has got to a indicate where they have been frequently deliberating it. Here’s what he had to contend about a probable multiplayer appendage during an talk with Engadget:

We have been articulate about that for a lot of time, though for now we don’t unequivocally feel that it’s multiplayer-oriented. But that’s something that could change. Because it’s unequivocally all about carrying any foolish idea, and unexpected it feels right and unexpected it feels ok.”

Would we like to see a multiplayer choice combined to Dead Cells? Do we consider it could work in a diversion like this? Tell us down in a comments.

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