Published On: Wed, Nov 8th, 2017

Most iOS inclination now run iOS 11

Apple has updated a App Store support page with new metrics. As of Nov 6, 2017, iOS 11 is now commissioned on 52 percent of iPhones and iPads now in use. 38 percent of inclination still run iOS 10, and customarily 10 percent of people are regulating an progressing chronicle of iOS.

Apple customarily updates this page utterly fast after a recover of a vital iOS update. This year, a association waited a bit as a iPhone X was expelled only final week, formulating a new liquid of iOS 11 users.

And it looks like adoption rate is a bit slower this year. Last year, Apple reported roughly a same numbers on Oct 11 with 54 percent of users regulating iOS 10.

The iPhone X could be partial of a reason because it took longer to strech a same number. But my speculation is that emojis are a categorical pushing force when it comes to iOS updates.

Last year, iOS 10.0 shipped with dozens of new emojis. This year, Apple combined new emojis as partial of iOS 11.1, that was expelled final week.

Many users don’t wish to be left behind on a emoji front. It has turn such an critical partial of cocktail enlightenment that many users wish to be means to see all emojis and not only doubt outlines for blank characters.

Still, 52 percent of marketplace share in only a integrate of months is utterly impressive. Most Android users are still regulating Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Google expelled this chronicle some-more than dual years ago.

Apple is now operative on iOS 11.2. This recover should be accessible in only a few weeks and come with a vital new facilities for U.S. business — Apple Pay Cash. This could be adequate to pull people to update.

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