Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2020

More Than Half A Million Pokémon Cards Sold On eBay Last Year, Here Are The Most Expensive


The Pokémon Trading Card Game appears to be as renouned as ever – indeed, a initial Pokémon Sword and Shield enlargement launched only a few weeks ago – and players have been gnawing adult cards for their collection like crazy.

According to information supposing to Nintendo Life by eBay, there were 19 million searches for ‘Pokémon’ in 2019, ensuing in some-more than half a million trade cards being sole in that time. A list of a tip 5 many costly cards has also been presented, formed on eBay sales information from Jan 2016 to Feb 2020 (‘PSA’ refers to a grading system, with 10 being a best condition possible):

Top 5 Most Expensive Pokémon Trading Cards:

1. Pokémon Ultimate Charizard Collection, PSA10/9, 1st Edition – $18,500
2. 2005 Japanese Umbreon Play Promo Gold Star Holo, PSA10 Gem Mint – $15,000
3. 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard, PSA9/10 – $14,500
4. 1999 Pokémon Game 1st Edition Holographic Charizard [4/102] – $14,000
5. Pokémon Japanese 20th Anniversary 24k Gold Pikachu Promo Card Giza Tanaka – $12,500

Elsewhere in eBay’s report, it’s suggested that a tip 5 many renouned characters formed on sales are Pikachu, Charizard, Eevee, Mewtwo, and Snorlax respectively, and that Pokémon Sun and Moon have remained a many purchased Pokémon games on a site given 2016.

Back to cards, a highest-selling trade label enlargement set in new times has been Pokémon XY: Breakpoint, that has remained on tip given the recover in 2016. Of course, some cards have sole for most some-more than those listed above, including one that went for a whopping $195,000!

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