Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2019

More Detective Pikachu Movie Trading Cards Have Just Been Revealed


As we might good be wakeful by now, a cold small set of Detective Pikachu movie-themed trade cards are being expelled subsequent month. We’ve already seen usually a handful of a cards set to appear, yet The Pokémon Company has now common several some-more and, being a poetic folk that we are, we suspicion we’d share them with you, too.

If we haven’t already seen a prior reveals, we’d titillate we to take a demeanour these when you’re finished here. We were initial treated to a glance during Pikachu himself along with Charizard and Greninja, and afterwards we saw Jigglypuff, Mr. Mime, and Psyduck. Before we go, though, here are another 5 to longingly glance during for a rest of a day.

First up, we have Mewtwo.


Second, another chronicle of Detective Pikachu, opposite to a initial one we saw.


Pokémon’s series one, Bulbasaur.


Arguably a best impulse from a latest trailer was a introduction of Ludicolo.


And finally, Machamp. We wish Machamp would assistance us to cranky a roads in genuine life.


These cards won’t be accessible in your customary upholder packs; a Detective Pikachu collection will usually be found in special collections. They’re set to go on sale from 5th April.

Do we like a demeanour of these cards? Are we a collector? Let us know if you’ll tracking these down subsequent month in a comments below.

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