Published On: Wed, Oct 28th, 2020

Mophie introduces a modular wireless charging module

Here’s a crafty further for Mophie, one of a longstanding battery box makers, that is now a partial of a same smartphone appendage firm as Zagg, Braven, iFrogz and InvisibleShield. The Juice Pack Connect is a modular take on a category, with a battery container that slides on and off.

For $80 we get a 5,400mAh battery (that should get we copiousness of additional assign time) and a ring mount that props a phone up. Mophie might offer additional models during some point, though right now, a biggest offered indicate is reduction about add-ons and some-more a fact that we can trip a battery off a device when not indispensable and still use a case.

Image Credits: Mophie

It’s not wholly separate from a modular uniVERSE box OtterBox introduced a garland of years ago, though a large advantage here is that a charging works around Qi, so we don’t have to block it into a phone’s port.

It’s not inexpensive (Mophie isn’t, generally). And, no, it’s not a MagSafe accessory. Instead, a appendage attaches to your box (needs to be one skinny adequate to support a charging, mind) regulating adhesive. The upside is that it works with a most incomparable series of phones, including mixed generations of iPhones and wireless-capable handsets like Samsung Galaxies and Google Pixels.

OtterBox’s new box offers a battery, speakers, Square reader and other swappable functionality

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