Published On: Thu, Apr 23rd, 2020

Monstrum Brings Permadeath Survival Horror To Switch Next Month

@Dr_Corndog You DO know we was being sarcastic, right?
I was usually joking, and didn’t discuss a procedurally generated bit on purpose. But in reality, that IS a usually difference. In Zombi U, we also had to start from scratch, since all a things we collected was left with a prior “you”, so you’d possibly have to find that zombie with your new impression and take all your things back, or collect things all over again.

And there was unequivocally also perma-death already, so yeah, in that respect, those dual things are unequivocally zero new or anything to exaggerate about as a developer, as distant as creation them offered points for your diversion being new and unique…

But yes, totally agreed. VERY underrated game. And a remake/port on other consoles was really bad and totally mislaid partial of what done it so singular and engaging.

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