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Monster Hunter: World Gets New Details on Characters, Story, Exploration, and More

■ Story of Monster Hunter: World

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Around once each 10 years, a Elder Dragons cranky a sea towards a New World. In sequence to know this bizarre phenomenon, a “New World Elder Dragons Research” organisation dispatched a organisation to a New Continent.

This time, on a fifth dispatch, a hunter play a vast boat that is chasing after a Elder Dragon Zorah Magdaros.

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What is a predestine that awaits this examine organisation celebration is…?

■ Monsters

Zorah Magdaros

An Elder Dragon possessing an considerable volcano bombard lifted from a earth. It appears he is relocating to a certain location, though his idea hasn’t nonetheless been identified.


A obscure beast that appears before a examine group. Unleashing vast dump but any courtesy for what happens to a possess body, this beast is also famous as Extinction Dragon.

■ Astera

The ‘house’ where all a members of a review organisation live. There is a examine area to allege a investigation, a workshop, and an area for hunters to accommodate and assemble. A organisation initial started construction 40 years ago, and it became a approach it is currently due to many years of reformation and renovation.

Near a bottom entrance is a Quest Board and Item Box. Hunters can openly try a margin and take on quests to examine this New World.

Monsters during a base!? Some researchers will be questioning a monsters’ ecology.

■ Support Characters

There are a accumulation of support characters who will assist a actor in a margin and during camp. Talking to a receptionist when we wish to accept a quest.


An consultant “compiler” of information. She will assistance we collect and accumulate huge amounts of examine information. She came to a New World on both a guild’s recommendation and her possess clever desire. She is intelligent and cheerful, and her mantra is “If we get lost, eat!”

Supreme Commander

Overseer of a whole examine group. One of a few who initial came to a New World 40 years ago, he leads a organisation with ease instruction and infrequently confidant policies. He has a pinnacle certainty of a examine group.

Investigation Team Leader

A immature hunter who leads fit margin surveys. As a Supreme Commander’s grandson, he is a usually one to be innate and lifted in a New World. As a maestro hunter vital in a New World, he will yield we with a accumulation of information.

■ Exploration / Quests

Area Map

If we leave from a area map for a margin but usurpation a quest, it becomes an exploration. Unlike when holding on a quest, scrutiny is a best approach to consult a margin as there are small restrictions.


There is no time extent to exploration, and no matter how many times we die, we will not fail. Since there are no transparent conditions during exploration, we can openly explore, survey, and hunt on a margin on your possess accord. You can pierce behind a materials we collect and all sorts of points. You can lapse to a bottom regulating a area map, as good as now pierce between fields.

During exploration, we can take on quests from a receptionist, who will be during a camp.

Ecology Map

You’ll come opposite countless things in a margin that are useful for hunting. You can find out where certain things are by checking a “ecology map.” You can also filter out a information that is displayed regulating a idol filter.

—The Ecology Map and a Guide Feature

Scoutflies can beam we to a locations of equipment and monsters. Open a ecology map, place a cursor on a indicate we wish to be guided, and dump a pin to start a Scoutfly guidance.

Also, during exploration, simply collecting traces of monsters will not beam Scoutflies to monsters. Use pins to try efficiently.

The information on a ecology map will be updated as we ensue with margin surveys during scrutiny and quests. By selecting a stay displayed on a ecology map, we can pierce there now with “fast travel.” (This can't be used during sport or when in a warning state.)

Investigate High-Density Fields

—A basement of monsters that resemble Felynes has been discovered…!? Using a Scoutflies and ecology map might outcome in several surprises.

—There are several traces on a margin that infer there was something vital there. Proceed with your review underneath a superintendence of a Scoutflies reacting to traces of monsters and things in a environment. Even in an unknown field, there is no need to worry.

There might be several other discoveries, so be certain to delicately examine during exploration!

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