Published On: Tue, May 26th, 2020

Monolith Soft Explains Why Xenoblade Chronicles On Switch Contains A New Epilogue Story

@thesilverbrick I’ve been on an anti-Amazon flog given signing adult for a month of Prime 4 weeks ago. Yes, we know we are in a pandemic, and we knew 2 day shipping would take a small longer, though we suspicion a day or 2 longer, not an whole additional week. Ordered 3 equipment from them, any in batch and listed as “Prime’, dual took 5 days and a other 9 days. After profitable $14.11, that is $12.99 + tax. we don’t consider they should have kept usurpation Prime monthly subscriptions, and stability to publicize 2-day shipping, when it takes them 5 and 9 days to deliver. we live in NY, 5-9 days is what it takes my “free shipping” orders to deliver. we systematic several equipment form Target a day after Amazon and got them a day progressing with giveaway shipping.

Here’s partial of a email when we incited off auto-renew:

“As a reminder, your Prime membership gives we entrance to disdainful member-only benefits, including total Free Two-Day Shipping on millions of items,”

And to make matters worse, they have NO functioning email right now. The largest “e”-commerce association in a universe has no “e”-mail, let that penetrate in. That’s what they told me on chatter around DM:

“We’re contemptible for a inconvenience, Robert! We don’t have an e-mail residence we yield to customers. We’re happy to assistance around Twitter”

That was 2 weeks ago. we keep DMing them, they don’t respond either.

If we don’t hear from them shortly I’m contacting my credit label association and fighting a $14.11. Not for a money, though for a miss of email and chatter correspondence. And for stability to publicize Prime shipping that they don’t deliver.

So yeah, prolonged off subject comment, though that’s how angry we am during them right now.

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