Published On: Fri, Apr 10th, 2020

Mojang Delayed Minecraft Dungeons To Deliver "A Better End Product"

Minecraft Dungeons will finally be expelled on a Nintendo Switch and mixed other platforms including Xbox Game Pass. It was indeed due to arrive this month though was behind during a final minute.

Why was this? Speaking to Eurogamer recently, Mojang’s executive writer David Nisshagen explained how it was due to a multiple of factors including cross-platform implementation, a impact of a coronavirus conflict (and a concerns per a health and reserve of staff) and a fact a group only wanted to broach a improved finish product to a players.

We don’t wish to highlight a teams during this time. We could substantially have done [the aged date] though that substantially felt worried – partially for a group and also for a players, who we couldn’t pledge would get a good, fun game. So by holding this small additional finish time, we’ll have a improved finish product and happier group that can take honour in it.

As remarkable by Nisshagen, a group could have done a aged date (presumably he’s referring to a Apr launch) though chose not to – that will hopefully outcome in a improved game.

If we hadn’t listened about this Minecraft spin-off before, it’s desirous by classical cave crawlers of yesteryear – permitting we to group adult with 3 other players (online or around internal play) to take down nasty mobs. At a same time, we contingency energy adult your weapons and items, and collect treasure.

According to a same interview, Mojang got a UK Studio Double Eleven to assistance out with a console versions of a game. Nisshagen also mentioned how his group was now focused on post-launch content.

Will we be perplexing out Minecraft Dungeons when it arrives subsequent month? Tell us below.

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