Published On: Wed, May 27th, 2020

Missing Sega-Style Racer ’90s Super GT Lives On In The TakeOver

The TakeOverThe TakeOver

Remember Pelikan13’s promising-looking ’90s Super GT, before famous as ’90s Arcade Racer? Kickstarted approach behind in 2013, it was creatively unfailing for a Wii U though – following a name change, a impasse of publisher Nicalis and a reliable recover on Switch (for 2014, lolz) – has most passed from a recover schedule.

However, Pelikan13 has been operative on something else while Nicalis sits on a game. The TakeOver is a side-scrolling warrior desirous by Streets of Rage and Final Fight, and even includes low-pitched contributions by Yuzo Koshiro himself. It’s due for launch on Jun 4th, and we’re now personification by a diversion forward of a review.

During a play session, we beheld something in one of a theatre backgrounds that got us vehement – a ’90s Arcade Racer / ’90s Super GT sit-down arcade cabinet.

Could this be a pointed acknowledgment that a diversion isn’t as passed as we’ve suspected? Or is it only a neat callback by Pelikan13 to one of a past projects? We’ve asked Nicalis for criticism several times in a past and haven’t had anything back, though maybe a conditions will change once The TakeOver is expelled on Switch?

Let us know your thoughts with a criticism below.

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