Published On: Wed, May 20th, 2020

Minecraft Sales Top 200 Million As Developer Mojang Gets A New Logo And Name (Well, Sort Of)

Mojang StudiosMojang Studios

In a post on Microsoft has announced that over 200 million copies of Minecraft have been sole to date. Not usually that, though 126 million people are personification a diversion on a monthly basis. That’s… a lot of people still personification Minecraft!

This news, combined by conduct of Mojang Studios Helen Chiang, follows a proclamation over a weekend that Mojang, a studio that creatively combined a diversion before being acquired by Microsoft in 2014, has now got a new name and trademark that unites both a Redmond and Stockholm studios underneath one banner. In a pierce that contingency have taken many, many seconds of brainstorming and concentration testing, Mojang (which means ‘gizmo’ in Swedish) is now famous as… Mojang Studios.


The proclamation was done as partial of a blog post to applaud a 11th anniversary of a game’s initial beta recover (its central recover was in Nov 2011). Check out a video during a bottom of a page to get a demeanour during a motive behind Mojang’s new logo. Sorry, we meant Mojang Studios, of course.

With so many new titles removing expelled each week, it’s infrequently easy to forget a titans of gaming still going strong. It’s been a while given we dismissed adult Minecraft, though 126 million players a month is a towering number. Let’s also not forget that it was a most-watched diversion on YouTube final year with a mind-boggling 100.2 billion views. Plenty of life a aged diversion yet, it seems!

Minecraft Dungeons is attack after this month following a check from a designed Apr release, so keep an eye out for a examination in due course. In a meantime, let us know your thoughts on Minecraft’s longevity and Mojang’s radical new name below.

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