Published On: Thu, May 21st, 2020

Minecraft Dungeons Switch eShop File Size Revealed

Minecraft Dungeons HeroMinecraft Dungeons Hero

Next week sees a recover of MInecraft Dungeons on a Switch and mixed other platforms such as Xbox Game Pass. If you’re as vehement as we are about it, afterwards we competence be fervent to know how most space it’ll take adult on your hybrid system.

According to Nintendo’s central website, it’ll need 3.2 GB of giveaway space when it arrives on 26th May. However, a Switch eShop in both a US and UK list a record distance as 3.6 GB – so it’s expected this big. That’s a lot some-more than a tangible Minecraft, that usually takes adult 463 MB. It also happens to be incomparable than a Xbox One and PC record distance of Minecraft Dungeons – listed as 2.54 GB on a Microsoft Store. In terms of a price, a Nintendo Switch chronicle will set we behind $19.99 / £16.74 or your informal equivalent.

If we haven’t seen a prior story, this cave spin-off allows adult to 4 friends to group adult locally or online, though will not embody pointless matchmaking. Mojang is also looking brazen to adding cross-platform play in a destiny update.

Will we be perplexing this out on a Switch subsequent week? Tell us in a comments.

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