Published On: Wed, Apr 15th, 2020

"Mind-Bending" Puzzler Damaged In Transit Has You Controlling Two Characters At Once

Damaged In Transit, a new “mind-bending” puzzler that’s certain to exam your hand-eye coordination.

The diversion has we concurrently determining dual drones who need to broach load opposite a series of opposite settings. You’ll find spikes, pitfalls, flamethrowers, and some-more in your way, with 125 levels to finish in total.

Your pursuit is to delicately commander your drones around these levels – design to come opposite dried oases, spark mines, ports, oil rigs, and a like – as we use your map and any useful equipment we find to open new pathways and broach any package. Here’s a underline list:

• Single Player – Juggle both drones by yourself
• Local Co-Op – Juggle both drones with a friend! Each actor takes half a controls
• 125 levels over 5 Worlds
• Spikes!
• Lava!
• Traps!
• Spikes!
• Evil Robots!
• More Spikes!

The game’s rising on Switch on 23rd Apr for $14.99, accurately a month after it initial seemed on Steam. Pre-purchasing is scheduled to go live on a eShop tomorrow, however, so make certain to check it out afterwards if you’re interested.

Liking a demeanour of this one? Let us know if you’ll be adding it to your Switch wishlist with a criticism below.

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