Published On: Fri, Aug 21st, 2020

Microsoft’s Seeing AI owner Saqib Shaikh is vocalization during Sight Tech Global

When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella introduced Saqib Shaikh on theatre during BUILD in 2016, he was apparently changed by a engineer’s “passion and empathy,” that Nadella said, “is going to change a world.”

That comment was on a symbol given Shaikh went on to co-found a mobile app Seeing AI, that is a showcase for a energy of AI practical to a needs of people who are blind or visually impaired. Using a camera on a phone, a Seeing AI app can report a earthy scene, brand persons and their demeanor, review papers (including handwritten ones), review banking values and tell colors. The latest chronicle uses haptic record to assistance a user learn a position of objects and people in an image. The app has been used 20 million times given launch scarcely 3 years ago, and currently it works in 8 languages.

It’s sparkling to announce that Shaikh will be vocalization during Sight Tech Global, a virtual, tellurian eventuality that addresses how fast advances in technology, many of them AI-related, will change a growth of accessibility and assistive record for people who are blind or visually impaired. The show, that is a plan for a Vista Center for a Blind and Visually Impaired Silicon Valley, launched recently on TechCrunch. The practical eventuality is Dec. 2-3 and giveaway to a public. Pre-register here. 

Shaikh mislaid his prophesy during a age of 7, and attended a propagandize for blind students, where he was intrigued by computers that could “talk” to students. He went on to investigate mechanism scholarship during a U.K.’s University of Sussex. “One of a things we had always dreamt of given university,” he says, “was something that could tell we during any impulse who and what’s going on around you.”  That dream incited into his destiny.

After he assimilated Microsoft in 2006, Shaikh participated in Microsoft’s annual, week-long hackathons in 2014 and 2015 to rise a thought of requesting AI in ways that could assistance people who are blind or visually impaired. Not prolonged after, Seeing AI became an central plan and Shaikh’s full-time pursuit during Microsoft. The company’s Cognitive Services APIs have been vicious to his work, and he now leads a group of engineers who are leveraging rising record to commission people who are blind.

“When it comes to AI,” says Shaikh, “I cruise infirm people to be unequivocally good early adopters. We can indicate to story where  blind people have been regulating articulate books for decades and so on, all a approach by to OCR text-to-speech, that is early AI. Today, this thought that a mechanism can demeanour during an picture and spin it into a judgment has many use-cases though substantially a many constrained is to report that picture to a blind person. For blind people this is impossibly empowering.” Below is a video Microsoft expelled in 2016 about Shaikh and a Seeing AI project. 

The Seeing AI plan is an early instance of a apparatus that taps several AI technologies in ways that furnish an roughly “intelligent” experience. Seeing AI doesn’t only review a text, for example, it also tells a user how to pierce a phone so a request is in a viewfinder. It doesn’t only tell we there are people in front of you, it tells we something about them, including who they are (if we have named them in a past) and their ubiquitous appearance.

At Sight Tech Global, Shaikh will pronounce about a destiny of Seeing AI and his views on how accessibility will reveal in a universe some-more richly enabled by cloud compute, low latency networks and ever some-more worldly AI algorithms and information sets. 

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