Published On: Mon, Sep 25th, 2017

Microsoft’s new Data Box lets we mail adult to 100 TB to the Azure cloud

Moving lots of data to a cloud can take a prolonged time and cost utterly a bit, even over quick connections. Like a competitors — and generally AWS — Microsoft has prolonged authorised a Azure users to import information to a cloud by shipping tough drives to a information centers. It’s now going a step serve with a preview launch of the 100 TB Azure Data Box, a answer to AWS’s 50 and 80 TB Snowball boxes.

The 45 bruise Azure Data Box is meant to concede enterprises to fast and firmly pierce their information into a cloud. Microsoft describes it as a “ruggedized, tamper-resistant and human-manageable applications that will assistance organizations overcome a information send barriers that can
block capability and delayed innovation.”

Users sequence a box from a Azure portal, bucket it adult with their information and afterwards boat it to Microsoft for ingestion into a Azure cloud. Like a AWS Snowball, a Data Box also facilities a e-paper arrangement that functions as a shipping label.

The box plugs right into a information core network and supports customary custom like SMB and CIFS. Data on a box itself is cumulative with with a 256 bit AWS encryption.

Given that we’re articulate Microsoft here, it doesn’t come as a warn that a association is also operative with partners like Commvault, Veritas, NetApp, Avid, Rubrik and CloudLanes, who will all confederate their services with a Data Box.

Micrososft also tested a box with a assistance of Oceaneering International, a association that, among other things, offers ROV-based subsea investigation services for a oil industry. Those robots can simply emanate mixed terabytes of information per day though aren’t always connected to a internet. In Oceaneering International’s use case, a association stores a information on a Data Box, upload a information to Azure and afterwards ready it for a possess customers.

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