Published On: Wed, Oct 4th, 2017

Microsoft’s Azure Functions adds support for Java

Azure Functions, Microsoft’s height for building serverless applications, has prolonged upheld a accumulation of programming languages though it’s adding an critical one today: Java. Fittingly, a association done this proclamation during a JavaOne discussion in San Francisco.

As Microsoft records in today’s announcement, Java support was one of a tip underline requests for Azure Functions given it launched. This is a initial time Microsoft is adding support for a new denunciation in Azure Functions, too. Until now, a use usually upheld JavaScript, C#, F#, Python, PHP, Bash, Batch and PowerShell. It’s not so most that Java allows programmers to do anything that these other languages don’t, though given a strech in a craving — a marketplace that Microsoft is clearly targeting with Azure Functions — not carrying support for it meant that a vast series of developers were radically close out of regulating it.

Microsoft stresses that Java developers won’t have to learn any new collection to use Azure Functions. Microsoft is also creation a Maven plugin accessible that will concede developers to write and muster their Maven-enabled apps directly to Azure Functions.

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