Published On: Sat, Jan 23rd, 2021

Microsoft withdraws Xbox Live Gold cost travel following conflict from users

Updated during 10:26PM PT, Jan 22: Microsoft is backtracking on a designed cost travel of Xbox Live Gold, reduction than 24 hours after creation a proclamation as a gaming hulk attempts to mend a attribute with fans.

“We messed adult currently and we were right to let us know. Connecting and personification with friends is a critical partial of gaming and we unsuccessful to accommodate a expectations of players who count on it each day. As a result, we have motionless not to change Xbox Live Gold pricing,” a association wrote in a blog post.

Microsoft pronounced it is going a step serve to make adult with Xbox users. The association pronounced free-to-play games on Xbox will no longer need an Xbox Live Gold subscription for online play. “We are operative tough to broach this change as shortly as probable in a entrance months,” a association wrote.

Our strange story from progressing Friday follows.


In what feels like an try during kicking some bad news underneath a carpet on a Friday, Microsoft announced this morning that a cost of Xbox Live Gold is going up.

Here’s how a cost changes mangle down:

  • The one-month devise is going from $10 per month to $11.
  • The three-month devise is going from $25 to $30.
  • The six-month devise is going from $40 to $60 — yet usually for new customers, says Microsoft.

“But what about a twelve-month plan? Didn’t they used to offer those?”

They did! It was $60 — or a cost that a six-month subscription will go for now. They stopped offered twelve-month skeleton behind in Jul of final year, presumably since this change was on a setting and they would’ve had to acknowledge on a cost tab that 12 months of Live Gold would cost $120.

The good news: a cost travel on a six-month devise usually impacts new customers. If you’ve already got a six-month subscription (or are grandfathered into an auto-renewing twelve-month subscription), Xbox Support reliable in a twitter that a cost won’t increase:

If you’re on a one-month or three-month plans, though, it sounds like you’ll be profitable a new price.

So because strike a cost? Microsoft doesn’t strictly outline their logic (beyond indicating out that they haven’t increasing a cost in years, or as prolonged as a decade in some regions), yet one can assume it’s during slightest partially to make a $15 a month Xbox Game Pass (which bundles Xbox Live Gold with a library of all-you-can-eat, on-demand titles) that most some-more alluring.

Manish Singh contributed to this report.

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